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lets trading firms automate complex, quantitative trading strategies in forex, options, futures, stocks, ETFs and commodities markets.



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Automated – Any quantitative trading strategy can be fully automated.

Fast – Using the Esper engine, high volumes of market data are automatically processed, analyzed and acted upon at ultra-high speed – up to 500,000 events per second.

Customizable – Open-source architecture can be customized for user-specific requirements. Users are provided full access to the source code. Third-party libraries can be integrated. And technical consultation is available.

Cost-Effective – Leverage full automation and built-in features to reduce costs:

Full Automation

  • Automated forex and delta hedging
  • Automated reconciliation with external brokers
  • Automated parameter optimization

Built-In Features

  • Execution algorithms
  • Derivative spreads
  • Option pricing engine
  • Historical data download


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Segol supports algorithmic strategies not possible with other, competing trading software applications:

Leverage the combination of Java and Esper statements. Time-based market data analysis and signal generation are coded in SQL-like Esper statements, whereas procedural actions, such as placing an order, are coded in plain Java Code – the best of both worlds.

Define customized events like onMovingAverageCross, onExpiringFuture, onLastDayOfTheMonth, dailyAt6:30pm, onStoppTriggered, etc. in addition to standard events like onMarketData, onTick, onBar, onInit and onDayClose.

Create a signal based on one or more securities, but then trade other securities.

Trade futures and options in a continuous fashion with automatic rolling.

Automate quantitative strategies that follow formal trading rules (potentially based on Excel or MatLab) but that previously had to be traded manually due to a lack of a suitable trading platform.

Utilize time-based strategies that cannot be programmed with traditional procedural programming languages.

Employ time-based window functions, such as during, between, afterwards, parallel with, along with, finishes and begins.


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Segol is not another chart-based daytrader software package with easy-to-use drag and drop menus and hundreds of indicators, such as Tradestation, MetaTrader or NinjaTrader.

Successful strategies are based on economic facts, not on extensive back-testing or chart pattern analysis of various technical indicators. Segol does have charting functionality, but only to monitor a strategy’s current trading activities and state in Live Trading.

Segol also isn’t a typical high-frequency-trading application. While the integrated Esper engine processes up to 500,000 events per second, Segol is ideal when complex trading logic is more important than latency in the low millisecond or nanosecond range.


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  • Broker and Market Data Adapters

    With Segol there is a wide range of broker and market data adapters available. Additional adapters can be added with ease: Existing broker adapters, Market Data Adapters, Historical & Reference Data Adapters

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  • Markets and Instruments

    Segol is an algorithmic trading software that support multiple markets and instruments to facilitate a broad range of trading strategies: Available instrument types and asset classes, Segol also features

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  • Order Management and Execution Algos

    Segol offers flexible order management so you can execute any order in any market, with a wide range of order types and execution algorithms available: Segol order functions

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  • Strategy Development

    Segol provides a wide range of useful features to help create and test quantitative trading strategies on any market using forex, options, stocks, shares, commodities, futures and bonds.


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Segol is an algorithmic trading software system originally created by group of talented people.

Segol was initiated as an in-house solution for a Israeli-based options writing strategy.

Our ambitious expansion plans mean we are constantly hiring for both experienced and non-experienced talent.

Connecting the Financial Services and Commodities Technology Community, We work with both the best talent

in the sector to help our customers become more productive and successful.

Through talent and opportunity identification, network introductions, thought leading content and a series of

events we work hard to ensure added value in every point of contact with our clients.

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